This is from my dream journal several months ago. 

“Firstly yesterday 2020.08.09 I had a brief nap during which time I dreamed I was heading towards the office area at Townshend with a pallet knife that opens out like a pocket knife.  [The school director] looked at it with alarm because it looked like a violent tool to him – superficially resembling a pocket knife as I opened it up.  [the residential director] was behind him and appeared frightened and kind of hiding behind him.  

I explained that the knife was not the cutting kind but was for paintings and that the painting we all were making had some old, dry paint and some dirt that needed scraping off and also that the pallet knife I had was also to be used as a brush in order to apply new paint and repair the image.  In other words I wasn’t harming the image – I was actually coming to repair and clean it.  He seemed skeptical but before anything further happened I awoke.  There was the sense though that I was going to continue towards the office area.”

This dream really reflects the two different approaches concerning what harms or helps the school - especially it's reputation. The efforts I made were to towards creating a space where victims could have a voice and be visible. My primary concern was for the students, not for the school's reputation- however I felt (as I expressed in the dream) that the only way to protect the school's reputation was to "cut the crap" (the old, corrosion and paint- maybe symbolic of harmful BS) off of the image we are creating together as a community so that a new, healing and truthful image could be produced. Unfortunately this was viewed as harmful to the schools reputation and seen as a threat to the school.