Personal blog of Faizi Crofts: psych student, dream warrior

Turns out, lying about sexual abuse is harmful. Who knew?

Life is always evolving. For the moment however, this- my personal blog will be dedicated to what passes through my mind and heart concerning the Townshend International School in the Czech republic, especially the students. Townshend is a school that I loved, but no-longer. It broke my heart. I will always love the community and the students. I’ll post quotations, memories, dreams, and reflections – and whatever besides. Townshend students still hold my heart and as I lead my beautiful life here in Tennessee or wherever the road leads- I am also walking with them in some way. This blog is to help me express and process and just to share that love. The Townshend community is beautiful but the school as an institution let down some upwards of twenty sexual misconduct victims over the past years by denying they exist in so many ways both openly and tacitly. The recent renovation and campaign to persuade the world that things are a bit better now and improving – feels as empty to me as the promise of an abusive husband to stop drinking. I love the community but like so many – I have left the school in the wake of the chasm that exists between the reality of the school, and the harmful manufactured image the institution promotes.