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I wrote this for my oldest and dearest friend Ryan Lehning when he moved to DC a long while ago. But I am dedicating this poem to the students of Townshend. The homing pigeon could mysteriously find her way home no-matter where you took her. The pigeon traditionally also wore a tag on its wing or ankle to identify it's owner. In this way, if injured or killed- even then the bird and her message might still find their way home. 

When you wander, O my friend
Place to place, and end to end
As pigeons do- remember
The lands you leave behind.

As they do- return ever
With messages in tether
And clasped or stamped on wing or ankle,
Bear my rusting sign.

As I shall see you flying
Away I shall be smiling –
For you and I both know
We’ll meet again to tell

Of any news worth telling
At my second dwelling
When like a pigeon I
Fly home to you as well.


  1. Dash Crofts

    I knew my son Faizi had this poem within himself. He has ALWAYS been talented in this way! Very spiritual!!!

    • faizoro

      Thank you dad. Coming from you that means a lot.

  2. Dot Mittel

    That is so beautiful, Faizi, and so like you. You have always had an amazing depth to you…from your youngest age. Love you. ❤

    • faizoro

      Aunt Dot – thank you for the encouragement. I love and miss you always. Can’t wait to see you again – hopefully before too long.

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