re: Terminator 2 – Father Figure scene

On a wild hair I started watching Terminator 2 of all things last night – on 1.5 speed, just sort of cruising through it, skipping some parts. This scene captivated me some how. It’s touching and sad and makes me think of young people who have been abused or neglected, or of parents (myself included) when we are at our worst moments and the road to healing and reconciliation after that – striving for the ideal of being worthy of the love we feel for our family. At my age – I am not quite as in to ‘sentimental’ movies as I once was, nor am I into ‘action movies’ as much as when I was a teenager. But there are profound sentiments some times just tucked in a movie that might be mostly a junk-food film or just part of a totally different genre that really can get my attention some times. Here this moment probes something about father-hood in a very imaginative way but still- it hits hard. I’m visiting my father today – maybe that’s what’s got me pensive.